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Complete sets - Regulator first stage, seond stage and Octo.
View Package Xstream Deep Mk3 Singles Set
Poseidon Xstream Deep MK3 Singles Set
CAD$ 1,999.99
View Package Apeks Mtx-rc Set
Apeks Apeks MTX-RC Set
CAD$ 1,799.99
View Package Apeks Mtx-r Set
Apeks Apeks MTX-R Set
CAD$ 1,699.99
View Package Apeks Xtx50 + Xtx40 Octo
Apeks Apeks XTX50 + XTX40 OCTO
CAD$ 1,199.99
View Package Xtx200 + Xtx40 Octo - Yoke
Apeks XTX200 + XTX40 OCTO - YOKE
CAD$ 1,349.99
View Product ADD TO CART Apeks Xl4+
Apeks Apeks XL4+
CAD$ 799.99
View Package Legend Elite Regulator Set
Aqualung Canada Legend Elite Regulator Set
CAD$ 1,499.99
View Package Core Supreme Regulator Set
Aqualung Canada Core Supreme Regulator Set
CAD$ 1,099.99
View Product ADD TO CART Mtx-rc Long Hose Single Tank Set
Apeks MTX-RC Long Hose Single Tank Set
CAD$ 2,199.99
View Package D3 Zenith Regulator Set
EDGE-HOG D3 Zenith Regulator Set
CAD$ 949.99
View Package Hog D1x Env Classic 2.0 Regulator Set
EDGE-HOG Hog D1X Env Classic 2.0 Regulator Set
CAD$ 849.99
View Package Xstream Mk3 Cold Water Doubles Kit
Poseidon Xstream MK3 Cold Water Doubles Kit
CAD$ 2,699.99
View Package Apeks Mtx-r Sidmount Package
Apeks Apeks MTX-R Sidmount Package
CAD$ 2,619.99
View Product ADD TO CART Apeks Tec 3 Twin Regultor Set
Apeks Apeks TEC 3 Twin Regultor Set
CAD$ 1,749.99
View Package Xtx50 Sidemount System
CAD$ 2,219.99
View Product ADD TO CART Xl4 - Oxygen Regulator
Apeks XL4 - Oxygen Regulator
CAD$ 849.99