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Shearwater Research
Teric - Black

Teric OC Rec (Nitrox to 99%), OC Tec (Trimix Enabled). CC/BO (Fixed PPO2), Gauge and Freediving Mode Optional wireless air integration up to 2 tanks Switchable audible & vibration motor alerts Upgradeable Firmware 316 Stainless Bezel & Buttons,… - Read More

CAD$ 1,399.00

Shearwater Research
Perdix AI

Perdix AI OC/CC Trimix OC air, nitrox, trimix, and gauge mode Optional wireless air integration for 1 or 2 tanks Displays tank pressure and Gas Time Remaining Closed circuit with fixed PPO2 5 OC gases / 5 CC gases 3 axis, tilt compensated, digital compass… - Read More

CAD$ 1,199.00

The Shearwater Peregrine Dive Computer is an easy to use, full colour, robust recreational diving advanced nitrox computer  that offers exceptional value, performance, features and a very attractive price. The Bright Shearwater Peregrine is a bright,… - Read More

CAD$ 615.00

Transmitter Nitrox compatible rated up to 40% O2 - Read More

CAD$ 450.00

Yellow Transmitter Nitrox compatible rated up to 40% O2 Recommended to avoid potential interference between transmitters when a single diver uses two transmitters. - Read More

CAD$ 450.00

The Genesis Centauri Dive wrist mount computer is fully capable of all your diving needs. Whether you are scuba diving, free diving or nitrox trained, the Bühlmann ZH-L-16C algorithm will help guide you to manage all of your diving needs. Every setting… - Read More

CAD$ 476.00

Optional wireless air integration current cylinder pressure, remaining air time Integrated tilt-compensated 3D digital compass Gas-switching between up to three gases (Oxygen up to 99 %) Optional cable (not included) for connecting to detailed graphical… - Read More

CAD$ 459.99

An easy-to-use, nitrox-capable dive computer for recreational divers - Read More

CAD$ 359.99