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Snacks & Facts - Learning Dive Social

Short workshops on advanced dive planning knowledge that make every dive a safer dive.  Planning on advancing into a professional or technical level course, this will help prepare you to think and plan as you will be required as you advance. 

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Think back to your open water course.  During your training dives you took steps to plan your dive with your buddy and figure out a dive objective, dive time, turn pressure, planned depts and routs among other things.

If you are like many divers, that was the last time you may have gone through that process, and your subsequent dives have been somewhere between “jump in and blindly follow a divemaster” and “head back when I have 1000 psi…..(hopefully)”.

The fact is, diving is a dangerous sport, and planning is how we mitigate the risk. 


In the Dive Kawartha Advanced Dive Planning classrooms we spend a short evening covering one of a variety of dive planning topics and techniques including Emergency preparedness and action plans, Breathing Gas Planning, Finding and understanding SAC and RMV rates, Using your computers dive planner, Dive planning apps & software, Breathing Gas selection, Gradient Factors (What, Why & How), Equipment Redundancies and more.

If you are a diver at any level, you should understand that you alone are responsible for your safety, and you are in control of your own dive plan.

Come have a coffee in the classroom with one of our DK pro Team and learn or refresh your knowledge and arsenal of tools we use to keep all our dives safe!

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