Dive Kawartha

A sacred mantra at Dive Kawartha, we believe life is an exciting and beautiful journey that is far to short; Hold on tight and ride the wild leaving your regrets behind.

The gentle waters of the Kawartha Lakes have long been the perfect place to relax with family or friends and enjoy the natural masterpiece of Canada’s freshwater summit!

Recognizing that the natural beauty and adventure found in the Kawartha Lakes extends into our aquatic environment, Dive Kawartha started to introduce the life changing experience of local scuba diving with the community and visitors.  Our team of instructors, divemasters and our local diving community are excited to share the world beneath the waves of the Kawartha Lakes that most never get to enjoy as we mentor you in the ways of the dive life.  

At Dive Kawartha we strive to offer our customers the best :

  • Scuba Training
  • Retail of industry leading dive equipment.
  • Fast and professional equipment servicing
  • Safe & fun local experience programs
  • Opportunities for conservation education & action!
  • Community of local divers becoming positive role models in the community.

Why Is Diving So Popular?

There exists a world some see only in pictures; the aquatic realm, filled with the wonder and mystery of the unknown. The reefs, the colors, the fish, and the pure enjoyment of discovery are only some of the reasons we scuba dive. Most divers constantly quest for adventure of experiencing the underwater world.  For some, the name itself conjures up images of the past where someone dressed all in black, with a large face mask, slides into the water, such as Jacque Cousteau, or someone from an old TV show. Is it any wonder that Scuba diving is a vague concept to most people? However, for those taking the first plunge into the world of diving, it will most likely be a first step, opening the door to the two thirds of the planet reserved for the few who venture there.  It will be the first step into a lifetime of fun and excitement

Contrary to what you might think, diving is not an adrenaline sport.  The appeal is more profound.  During a challenging dive, the most minor act becomes crucial; simply tying a knot on a line is absorbing.  You are completely in the moment.  You are living fully!