Let Dive Kawartha personalize a dive experience for you like no other. Maybe you’re looking for those extra-long dives? Or you want the freedom to pick and choose your dive sites? How about experiencea private wreck dive as a family or just you and your buddies? If so a Dive The North private charter is the best way to get an exclusive and personalized dive experience! 

Custom built for diving; the vessel can comfortably take up 6 divers out exploring. Special requests? No problem! A four- hour charter awaits you, allowing the time, room and comfort to make the day exactly what you want (weather conditions pending of course).

Ideal for the CCR diver, photographer that wants some long quiet time underwater, or the family that enjoys a bit more personalized experience; our professional staff will help organize the day so you can simply suit up and jump in! Recreational dives are fully guided and we ensure small groups so lots of attention can be given to each diver and can take their time to fully enjoy their dives. Technical dive plans are reveiwed, so divers can execute their dives as desired and the staff can support as needed from the boat.


Contact the dive center for pricing and availability.