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Annika deWitt

Annika deWitt

All her life Annika has been drawn to water. As a kid, she spent entire summers swimming and later on when she was travelling, water was a constant companion. Anytime she felt lost or alone she would find herself at the edge of a lake or seashore. Even listening to the trickle of a creek would instantly make her feel connected again to the world around her.  Something about its vast expanse and endless flow would calm the world within. Life certainly has its twists and unexpected turns, and one of those turns led her along with her husband to start diving this past year.


"I could never have imagined the feeling of being able to breathe underwater while weightlessly gliding through it (almost like flying) and taking in incredible sights. It has brought me a whole new level of understanding of the circle of life and our planet, as 70% of it I had never seen before! What began as a little adventure for my husband and I quickly became a passion and now we find ourselves in the beginnings of the PADI Pro world doing our Dive Master training."


She cannot be sure where this road will lead her, but she does know that they are both very passionate people who love to experience life and adventure, and sharing that with others runs deep in their blood. Wherever this journey may bring her, you can be certain it will be with a group of like-minded people, hungry to experience life in the underwater world and to share their passion with others.