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Doug Backwell

Doug Backwell

Doug fell in love with the underwater world while snorkeling during a trip in Curacao in 2016.  After the trip he knew right away that he needed to learn how to scuba dive.  He obtained his PADI Dive Master Certification in 2019 and is an avid cold water diver in Ontario, Canada.  

Doug has travelled to Bonaire a couple of times where he has been part of the local coral restoration project. He also participates in Project Aware to clean up local waterways.

Future goals for Doug include becoming an Emergency First Response instructor teaching First Aid & CPR, an Emergency O2 Instructor and Discover Scuba Diving Leader.

In addition, Doug plans to continue his diving journey into the realm of technical diving which includes advanced nitrox and decompression procedures and trimix diving.

His passion for diving is infectious and he is a genuine leader amongst the Dive Kawartha team.