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Rod Dobbs

Rod Dobbs

It all started out as a fun idea for a date night with my wife, then another date night with my 9yr old daughter.

With two DSD experiences under my belt I was bit by the scuba bug. When my daughter turned 10 and all she wanted was to become a certified diver, I knew this was going to be an amazing family adventure.

After struggling a bit to pass my OW I quickly wanted to further my knowledge of scuba diving. Moved right into my AOW, rescue diver, master scuba diver and now onto my biggest challenge yet, my DM training. The DM's that assisted me during my training inspired me. I want to be able to pass that onto other new divers. Including my 2 young boys who can not wait to come diving.

The cold lakes and rivers of Ontario continue to amaze me. Weather we are looking at the breathtaking wrecks of Tobermory or following bass around Marmora. Every dive tends to leave me feeling grounded and excited about are next adventure. I now look at bodies of water and wonder what treasures and stories lay beneath.

Every dive is a good dive