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Seth Brewer-Desouza

Seth Brewer-Desouza

Hi, I’m Seth (or “Finn” to some) and I started scuba diving way back in the summer of 2019 when I became a certified diver.  Presently a PADI Divemaster and I hope to start my instructor development course sometime next year.

I’ve known Kris for a while through karate and it was through that, he asked me if I wanted to work at Dive Kawartha and start working on becoming a divemaster. Not knowing anything about diving, of course, I said yes and bing batta boom, here I am, meeting all kinds of different people that like to breathe underwater for some strange reason (including myself).

So far, I’ve only dove in the cold lakes and rivers in Ontario but I feel like that will just make me appreciate the nice waters down south even more once I go. I like diving in Ontario, especially when I’m going to see some cool wrecks.  Shipwrecks remind me of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie and that is just really cool to me. Another thing I enjoy about diving is the feeling of being weightless in the water. I find it relaxing and I imagine it’s how a monk would feel when (s)he is meditating and starts to levitate in the air. I dig it.  

Before I became certified, I never thought about scuba diving, let alone being a scuba diver. I’ve never even been snorkeling. The closest thing to scuba diving I knew was Scuba Steve from the classic Adam Sandler movie “Big Daddy”.  I’m happy I became a diver and I look forward to all the adventures, diving and people I’ll meet through Dive Kawartha.